Must be made in full when the puppy is picked up, when we meet, or before the puppy
is shipped.  
Payment must be cash,  money order, or cashiers check.   If a puppy
is to be shipped we will make arrangements for payment with you.
  Tax of 8% is due
with payment.

A.  We do ship via airplane (if available).  Cost for this service is $475.  The shipping  
must be prepaid before the reservations are made along with the payment for the
puppy.   This fee includes the crate, airfare, vet certificate for air flight, and our
transport of the puppy to the air port.  This amount is subject to change due to the
fluctuating air fares and fuel costs.

B.  We will drive within a 2 hour radius of our home to meet you if you are driving a
long distance to pick up a puppy.  There will be a charge of $40 for our gas expense
for this service.  This fee m
ust be paid with cash when we meet.  This amount is
subject to change due to the fluctuationg fuel costs.

C.  If you would like ground transport it is your responsibility to make

D.  If you are having your puppy shipped  and we have to hold the puppy waiting for
a reservation, a fee of $10 per day for each day past 7 days of purchase will be