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Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of
the sale.  If within 48 hours from the time you, the buyer, take possession of the puppy, it is
found by a licensed veterinarian not to be in good health, we, the breeders, agree to refund the
purchase price upon return of the puppy to us, the breeders.  We, the breeders, are not responsible
for any expenses incurred.  A refund will be given only upon receipt of the report from a licensed

We offer a 1 year health guarantee from hereditary health conditions .  If your dog develops a
editary health condition, which causes the death of the dog or crippling dysplasia before the
puppy is one year old
, a refund of $1000 or the purchase price of the puppy will be given
whichever is less.
 Any and all expenses including veterinary are the responsibility of you, the
 This refund will only be given if we receive documents from a licensed veterinarian stating
the diagnoses with supporting test results and/or x-rays and our vet confirms the diagnoses.  

Your puppy has been on a vaccination and de-worming schedule here.  Please take the shot record
we provide to your veterinarian.  It is very important to continue the vaccinations and worming
schedule for your puppy.

You the buyer, agree to take good care of the puppy and to provide adequate food, water, housing,
and medical care.  The buyer agrees to follow the breeder's recommendations regarding feeding,
training, exercise, and general care.